What is hidding between web server and legacy unix

Hello everyone

i just notice there a hidden option between basic web server and legacy unix compatibilty in the installation

basic web server :point_down:

notice the blue line is that hidden option or bug in the installations :point_down:

legacy unix :point_down:

thanks for the help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Those lists are populated with dnf groups, arent they?

$ dnf -q group list
Available Environment Groups:
   Server with GUI
   Minimal Install
   Custom Operating System
Installed Environment Groups:
   Virtualization Host
Available Groups:
   Legacy UNIX Compatibility
   Container Management
   Development Tools
   .NET Core Development
   Graphical Administration Tools
   Headless Management
   Network Servers
   RPM Development Tools
   Scientific Support
   Security Tools
   Smart Card Support
   System Tools


$ dnf -q group info "Server with GUI"
Environment Group: Server with GUI
 Description: An integrated, easy-to-manage server with a graphical interface.
no group 'dns-server' from environment 'graphical-server-environment'
 Mandatory Groups:
   Common NetworkManager submodules
   Container Management
   Guest Desktop Agents
   Hardware Monitoring Utilities
   Hardware Support
   Headless Management
   Input Methods
   Internet Browser
   Printing Client
   Server product core
 Optional Groups:
   Basic Web Server
   Debugging Tools
   FTP Server
   File and Storage Server
   Guest Agents
   Infiniband Support
   Mail Server
   Network File System Client
   Network Servers
   Performance Tools
   Remote Desktop Clients
   Remote Management for Linux
   Virtualization Client
   Virtualization Hypervisor
   Virtualization Tools
   Windows File Server

Does that line separate optional groups of Server with GUI environment group from generally available groups?

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@jlehtone thanks for the help

could be i am not sure but when i move the down arrow from any selection about that line it work fine then it hide like that then one more press it go the legacy unix option

but after fire your command and compare it with the selections from the installation i notice this group does not exist in the installation Games and Entertainment
so not sure if it’s that or something else

thanks for the help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Some groups are marked hidden. See dnf --hidden group list
The installer might have custom filter on what groups it shows from repos.

now it become harder to know loool there even group for browser on that hidden group list

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just want to confirm that the same effect exist in RHEL 8.5 and on RHEL 9 beta

so i guess it a separator as @jlehtone thought