What is EOL of RL8

I know that Centos 8 has end of life on December 2021.
Everyone is talking about RockyLinux and how cool it is. But nobody mentioned what is EOL of it?
Will it be longer than Centos one?
Is there any information on the website? Any official announcement?
At the moment I cannot see such information.

My guess would be the same date as Red Hat 8
(just my guess)

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Correct, Rocky 8 will have an EOL later than CentOS. CentOS EOLs December 2021. Rocky 8 will be supported until May 2029 (and extended through 3rd party support providers).

@hbjy @ressonix thoughts on placing EOL information more prominently on the website?


I’ve mentioned the need of publishing the EOL information on the website in the Mattermost general channel about a month ago. We need this posted to aid in adoption IMHO. There was even a recent Reddit post inquiring for this information.

I think it was pretty much obvious anyway that the projects that spawned because of what RH did with CentOS, that they would be tracking the RHEL EOL like what CentOS used to do. Therefore the 10 year release cycle.

What annoyed the community was not just what RH did by changing CentOS to CentOS Stream, but also by shortening the EOL of CentOS 8 in an attempt to force everyone over to CentOS Stream. They left CentOS 7 with a 10 year EOL as they didn’t shorten this, and a lot of people had already migrated to CentOS 8 only to find that they now have a shortened EOL and have to now repeat the migration process. Therefore I think everyone that followed this would know that the EOL is tracking RHEL and not CentOS Stream EOL.

But doesn’t hurt to publish it, for example like Ubuntu does against the download links. I don’t think it could be more prominent than this. When you go to download you can immediately see how long it would then be supported for.

thanks for the awesome information.