Using dual monitors on vm

(Using KDE)

I have a Windows kvm/qemu VM with 2 virtual monitors ( add another Video QXL hw item in VMM ) running over a spice connection.

Using remote-viewer I can do most of what I want - open both virtual monitors in seperate windows and position them on my real monitors. However, when in fullscreen mode I cannot find a way to minimise the remote-viewer windows without first leaving fullscreen mode so a 2-step process per window = 4 actions to get back to my host desktop. ( unless I move the mouse to the top left of left monitor to access linux dt hotspot - fiddly / don’t like it)

Whereas in Vinagre (my hitherto preferred client) I can move the mouse to top of screen whence ctrls appear and I can minimise the viewer. However, Vinagre will not work (that I can find) with multiple virtual monitors.

Any suggestions on
a multi-display viewer with efficient minimise ui from fullscreen
how to efficiently minimise remote-viewer from fullscreen
how to get vinagre to recognise, identify and switch between multiple virtual displays.

anyone ?


(using remote-viewer) Just remembered the ctrl-L + alt-L shortcut to switch kb back to host then OS/SuperKey+D for desktop but this doesn’t really work either - the dt only appears on 1 (the primary) screen and any attempt to use KDE results in the remote-viewer window coming back up.