Uploading a custom avatar?

This ranks up there with the world’s most insignificant issues, or at least among the top three :slight_smile:

How in the blue schmoo do you upload a custom avatar for this board?

I’ve tried a few times and it always tells me that “there has been an error, try again”.

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Hi FrankCox,

Clic on your name, in the preferences

Been there, tried that. I made a 90x90 image (which matches the size of the other custom avatars I’ve seen in use here) and tried uploading an jpg, a gif and a png. No joy to be had. Every time I get a window that says there has been an error, try again.

I suppose I’m missing something but I don’t see what it could be. I click on the little pencil beside the picture and select “custom avatar” “upload”. Is there something else that I’m supposed to be doing at that point other than selecting and uploading the image?

Best thing would be take the image you are attempting to load, use a graphics program like Gimp or whatever, and crop it to 120x120 pixels. Save this as a new file, better as a png for smaller sizes, you can try jpg as well. Then attempt to upload this. Chances are your image exceeds the pixel size, or the file size is too large.


I’ve just done this twice now. First image was 600x600 pixels, size of 269kb. After selecting the image, wait for the uploading to finish. Only then will the button be accessible to save the avatar. However, you have to wait before clicking the button to save - since the image needs to load and show against the text “custom picture”. Then when you see the image has loaded, click save changes. The second image was 385x385 pixels, size of 332kb.

So it is possible to upload an image successfully.

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As you can see I just made this work.

For reasons beyond my understanding, Firefox wouldn’t do this – it just brought up an error as described above.

I just did exactly the same thing with Chrome and that worked.

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Worked in firefox for me. Maybe you have some plugins installed affecting this. Maybe try in a private/incognito window in firefox.