Firefox browser no longer loads

After getting to the installer portion of the Roundcube installation, I had to reboot the server.
After the reboot, Firefox browser no longer loads.
I tried deleteing the Mozzila folder from the home directory. Rebooted - made no difference
dnf remove firefox
dnf install firefox
It still won’t load. I double click on the icon, get the whirly ball for a while and then NOTHING.

Any suggestions?

Try also different browser:

dnf install chromium

to make sure it’s not just a browser problem, but something unique to Firefox.

Any suggestions?

Depends on wether you are running X11 or Wayland.
If running X11, any stderr from started GUI programs are stored in ~/.xsession-errors
Don’t know, where Wayland stores those.

What always will show any errors, is starting it manually from a shell running in a terminal window.
If there are any errors logged by firefox, you should see them right in that terminal window.

I installed Chrome. It doesn’t load either.
I login as root.
If I login as a user both browsers work fine

Oh, and now, every time I reboot the screen goes back from 1440x900 to 800x600. It didn’t do that before.

Found it. something set the owner of /root to apache - just to make life that little bit more difficult