Unable to install iDRAC Service Module

Hi there,
I’m trying to install the iDRAC Service Module for Linux, v4.2.0.0 on Rocky Linux 8.6 on a Dell PowerEdge R440 with no success, comes up with “Unrecognized Operating System or Architecture. This script cannot continue with the installation. Select packages from the OS folder in the media that closely matches this Operating System to continue with the manual install”. Has anyone else got it working? Will you please let me know? Thanks.

Hi @PavK, I encountered this issue too.

  1. Install the dcism-osc rpm in OSC folder
  2. Then install the dcism rpm in RHEL 8 folder

dcism-osc is a pre-req for dcism to install, hence installing first.

Hope this helps.

Hi @gareylcuob, Sorry this went off the track. As per your above instructions, I tried on the latest Rocky Linux 9.1 version and was able to install it. Thank you very much for your advice.