Ugly fonts in OmegaT application


I’m a translator for the Linux Professional Institute, and we’re using the OmegaT translation memory. Some time ago I moved from OpenSUSE to Rocky Linux with KDE on the desktop, and I’m having a bit of a hard time getting OmegaT to behave.

First I gave the Flatpak version org.omegat.OmegaT a spin. The app looks nice, but there’s a showstopping bug in the file selection window which makes it completely useless.

Next I went to download the “Linux with 64bit JRE” tarball from the project’s website.

Installation boils down to unpacking the archive, launching the script, typing in your password, and then everything installs nicely under /opt as it should. There’s no omegat.desktop file, so if you haven’t created one manually, you can launch omegat manually.

In the default configuration, OmegaT looks like something you would have on a 1998 Red Hat installation, with no font antialiasing and stuff looking like Lego bricks for the very young.

Any idea how I can get OmegaT to behave and display normal fonts? This simply hurts my eyes, and since I will spend a significant amount of time using it, I might as well make it display stuff correctly.

Any suggestions?

I’ll answer this myself, since I just found a workaround (thanks Stackexchange). Put this in ~/.bashrc:

# Fix ugly OmegaT fonts
export _JAVA_OPTIONS='-Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on'

Log out, log back in, and fonts are fixed.

BTW, where would I put this variable definition to make it system-wide under Rocky Linux? Would that be /etc/environment?

This is interesting. I added that export command to my jgamebase program loader to see what would happen.

And a window popped up with this text:

An error occured.
The java version found "" with major version "" is too low.
The version must be at least Java 8

Removing that command makes jgamebase work again.

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