TeamViewer Question

There’s already a question about TeamViewer RPMs and dependencies, but I’m interested to know how it works in the context of home routers and RHEL/Rocky networking, and also the access level, root or standard user.

Let’s say I have installed TeamViewer and I want to remote onto another Rocky 8.5 machine belonging to another Rocky user in a different City. As I udnerstand it, they will have an ID on the TeamViewer central server, so I can try to connect to their PC, but how does my machine connect to theirs, e.g. how does it get through their home router, and does TeamViewer mess with the Rocky firewall or networking in any way?

The Teamviewer has a ‘teamviewer.service’ that must be running to even start the graphical client.

I presume the service opens a connection to TeamViewer’s server. The machine “connects out”, just like your browser.

Logically, the instances on both machines talk to the server, which relays traffic between the two. Hence, there should be nothing special for firewalls and routers.