Tar error, can't compress a folder

trying to tar a folder…I got this error…
tar: /opt/zimbra/.saveconfig: Cannot open: Permission denied

Where is this “.saveconfig” file? I can’t find it anywhere. What does it do?

I’ve found .saveconfig…it’s directory…owned by root. Anyone know what it’s supposed to be used for?

It is what Zimbra saves its config to during an upgrade.

I guess I should be running tar in root to backup the zimbra directories.

Ideally yes, and with Zimbra stopped so that the backup will be consistent.

May be you know the issue. It’s not OS related…
So I did a tar ball of the zimbra folder (#tar /opt/zimbra). The tar ran fine. But when come to restart the zimbra, some services didn’t start back up as expected. I had to manually restart the down services. These down services were log related services, i.e. logwatch, logger. I’m wondering (may be) the log files may have been altered by the tar process (permission perhaps?). As the result the logging services wouldn’t restart.

Depends on tar parameters as you can keep permissions using the p flag. Alternatively if I remember correctly after untarring just use:

/opt/zimbra/libexec/zmfixperms -verbose -extended

Wi fix permission issues. Then start as normal.

I’m surprised to know tar can actually make changes to the original files. To be safe, I should copy the folder first before before do the #tar operation. BTW, this is the command I used “tar -zcvf /var/zimbra/archive/zimbra_bk_$(date +%F).tar.gz /opt/zimbra” Which is the option caused tar make changes to the original file?

Tar doesnt make changes it tells tar to remember the permissions/owner of the files. As I wrote the p parameter so use:

tar -zcpvf