[Suggestion] Best laptop for programming

My use cases are, creating Custom Roms and learning programming.

Budget: more or less one Lakh INR. Or 1000 to 1300USD

The fact I am so confused between choosing correct configuration and TDP. That’s why I’m asking you guys for help, so that I don’t end up wasting my hard earned money.

Thank you.

Hello @Pulpy_orange

you said you create custom rom you mean android rom right ?
i guess the best one to answer you are those who develop using your programing language as they will help you know which tools you will need and there requirement as programing is not just about the IDE or the language


But I’m not yet developing anything.

To be honest, I don’t have any laptop now.

So, the question should be.

I am going to learn building custom ROms and programming if possible.

So, what’s best laptop out there?

Thank you

what do you mean with custom roms do you mean the custom rom for android or something else?
and if it the one for android are you going to compile it or what do you mean with build it

and for programing it still depend on which language you going to use and which kind of software you want to develop (desktop/web(front end or back end or full stack)/modile) will you develop for certain platform for example if you going to develop for apple mac os or ios then the best choice would be an apple book and learning swift

so there many factor here you

(Some) programming can be learned with pen and paper. Therefore, almost any computer could be enough for that purpose.

Programming typically does not need high processing power, etc. My suggestion, if you are on a budget, would be to buy a used business class laptop - they are well built, often have processors, etc that outclass new consumer laptops, at 1/3 of the price of a new consumer laptop. One of my laptops is a Del E6510, built in 2010 - it is built to certain military specs, has a metal case, is designed to be easily opened and have parts swapped, etc.

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i get it now, i often think that programming requires high end computers, any good budget and mid range laptops would do the job i guess. or Ryzen 7 && RTX 3060 or 3070 would do the job

If you are just writing code, then no, you just need a laptop/computer that has enough power to let you write documents, be it in an office application, or in an IDE like Visual Code, Atom Editor, etc. If you are looking to compile the code that you have written, so building rom’s or compiling C++ code, then you would need some processing and memory power for that.

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