Fast remote desktops - Open source alternatives.. Teradici, HP RGS/ Hp anywhere, Nice DCV

Hey Folks.

Looking for advice to solutions like the above but in the open source world,
Not necessarily Rocky specific but Linux in general.

Does anything like this exist in the open source world?
I’m not really referring to PCOIP but the remote display technologies used, can work over VPN or local network…

How do these proprietary solutions even work… "Say if somebody was to craft their own solution"do they under the hood work with VNC, XRDP? or something different / custom, Ive looked briefly into Virtual GL too but very confused.
Or are they entirely custom built and not relying / using other open source technologies…

My instinct is VNC with some kind of hardware / OpenGL acceleration.

Very interested also in any reading material on the above, as really struggling to find much out there.


See also my reply here:

Sorry for the delayed response on this…
The link / reply you posted doesn’t answer my post question/s at all. It simply points to the documentation to install and setup VNC.
Something I am very familiar with and do not need any guidance on, I’m also very familiar and not shy of the RHEL documentation.
My question above asks something completely different, so I can only refer readers back to that.
Unless you are implying that VNC is 100% identical in all ways to the above protocols / products in question???

But from your post above you said

But now you say you don’t want VNC?

He assumes all other products are based on VNC, when they aren’t. If they are proprietary they won’t be using open source because they cannot close source it. So false assumptions on their part.

The question being asked here, could be easier to just google and find the results to be honest. But the discussion is still valid, for people interested in debating the topic.

I personally use NoMachine NX. How it compares to Teradici or others mentioned in the title I’ve no idea. But I like it’s performance, and I like that it works across Windows and Mac too. One program, for multiple types of operating systems.

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Some info from xrdp: Xrdp - Wikipedia


The Rocky packages do include as well as libxrdp libraries, but obviously using VNC now would just be too slow and were just being used as a bridge between the RDP connection to view the desktop at the other end.

Something else interesting, take a look at Apache Guacamole - remote desktop recording software - there are plenty of commercial entities that sell such solutions, like CyberArk. Quite good to use for auditing purposes. Or for example, to provide as evidence of “who did what” :slight_smile: