A tool for remote desktop

Hello everyone!
Could you please tell me what is better to use to install a remote desktop from Linux?
Which tool is better Remmina or AnyDesk? Please share your experience, I will be grateful!

You can try Team Viewer. It provides good connectivity and works on Linux.
I used it for this purpose.

I Used Remmina and freerdp in LAN environments. From my own experience I would recommend freerdp.
1 it is highly customizable
2 it can be displayed in full screen
3 it is used in many business solution of bastion host providers.
the code snippet I use for rdp is below:
setsid xfreerdp /u:<Your Username> /p:<Your Password> /v:<Your Hostname or IP address> /dynamic-resolution /bpp:16 /audio-mode:0 +compression +fonts +wallpaper -bitmap-cache +home-drive /tls-seclevel:0 2>&1 > /dev/null &
Hope it may be of help to you.

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I was using Team Viewer, but I exceeded the limit and now I’m looking for another app.

I see. I can’t tell you much about Remmina, I haven’t used it. But, as far as I know, Remmina’s main goal is to help system administrators working with multiple remote desktops.
As for AnyDesk, I can say that it allows users to RDP from Linux to Windows. It’s pretty fast and easy to use. Judging by your needs, it will suit you.
There is also RustDesk. It’s a nice alternative to proprietary products such as AnyDesk or TeamViewer. There are other options, have a look here https://www.helpwire.app/blog/remote-access-linux-from-windows/ In this article, you’ll find descriptions of many tools, compare them, and choose one for yourself.

There is also x2goserver and x2goclient to go between two Linux machines. It is a replacement for nxserver and client. It’s in the EPEL repo.

I’ve been using AnyDesk exclusively on all remote desktop clients. It JustWorks™, on any platform.

I Use Reminna on LAN environment, To have remote access over the Internet without a VPN, I use AnyDesk.