Suggest Me a Download Manager

Previously I Was Using gabut download manager on centos 8.
What Is The Suggested Download Manager on Rocky Linux 8.5

You can use pretty much any download manager you want that Linux supports. Search engine like google could help you with that for example: linux download manager fedora rocky centos - Google Search or this one: download manager fedora rocky centos - Google Search

It all depends what you are wanting to download, since basic tools like wget or curl can also be used for downloading files. But your post lacks information on what you are trying to achieve, so maybe the google searches will also help.

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Thank You iwalker
I hv limited internet bandwidh so i hv to split large downloads between days (pause and resume)
I Use it for torrents too.
gabut dm did that nice but not installing as smooth as in centos8 (i.e it try to download gnome libs 280mb+ along with it on rocky 8.5 flatpak)
i wish answers from someone who is using a dm on rocky linux 8.5 and happy with it
or someone may guide me why using a dm is not a norm on rocky linux.
or answer completly off topic as the catagory suggests. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you tried “DownThemAll” Firefox addon ? I used this very long ago and it worked fine.

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I Installed Gabut Using Software
Working Good