Storage Server Question

I am looking forward to using Rocky for my home storage server, mainly static data no databses, vms etc. I am evaluating different options based off of my requirements of encryption at rest, redundancy, data integrity (bitrot protection, data verification etc), stable trusted solution. I have a server with 1 drive for for OS and 5 for data. I would like to use 2 parity (be able to lose 2).

So far I am evaluating using BTRFS, ZFS, or even MinOS (cloud object storage) single node. I am leaning towards MinOS, as it can just use 5 drives formatted with XFS and has erasure coding etc. I would be interested if anyone else has any thoughts on on this? I am mainly concerned with stability, reliability, redundancy, and data integrity.

You won’t have much reliability or redundancy or data integrity with a single-node MinIO installation. That requires multiple servers. With a single server, it won’t be much better than a Raid5 or Raid6 installation.

Link: Deploy MinIO: Multi-Node Multi-Drive — MinIO Object Storage for Linux

Single node: Deploy MinIO: Single-Node Multi-Drive — MinIO Object Storage for Linux

For a single server, better just use ZFS raid, btrfs raid or mdadm to create Raid5 or Raid6.

Thanks for the advice.

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I don’t know about MiniIO, but I run a Rocky 8.8 Server with 5 Drives. I am not really a Linux “expert”, I just figure out what I need to know. 4 2TB in a Raid 5 with a hot spare, using mdadm. Every once in a great while I loose one and have to replace it. I just add the new drive as the new hot spare. It does slow it down quite a bit when it is rebuilding to the hot spare. I have my Raid Partition setup with LUKS encryption. I have been doing this since CentOS 6. I use Samba to share my files to Windows. I make my living working on and supporting Windows. I also have DNS and DHCP setup on my server as well as Apache to run my little web server. I also run a rsync as a scheduled script in crontab to backup my data to 3 of my LUKS encrypted drives. I keep a backup offsite in a safe deposit box. I also have a scratch 1TB volume with no encryption to just put temporary files I don’t care about. I keep a spare bay for shredding data on drives for customers that want data destruction. I don’t know how good the LUKS encryption is, but the FBI Raided me, and took all my computer stuff about 6 years ago, and they wouldn’t give my server back because it was encrypted and they couldn’t access it and I wouldn’t give them the password. I had a backup drive in a safety deposit box they didn’t know about and was able to rebuild my server from it. I run a 2.5GB ethernet on it and I seems to copy files just fine and fast to my 2.5GB workstations.

I also run Rocky at about 22 of my customers to make large samba shares that I run Image backups of there Windows workstations and servers to with a program called drive snapshot. I also have some customers with a server at a second site that I rsync those backups to. I just charge them a monthly fee to keep there stuff backed up.