[SOLVED(?) ] What kernel version did RL 8 start with?

I see that 8.5.2111 has kernel 4.18 so I figured that sometime before this it had a kernel less then 4.17?
In version 4.17 the old SCSI initialization model are removed from the kernel source thus making this hardware not working.

No, there is no newer version of the driver.

Can I somewhere get that and if so from where?

The kernel has always been 4.18 for enterprise linux 8. You will also need to be more specific on what your issues are and what you’re looking for. You will find that drivers that were removed in 8 may have been built by elrepo.

Ah OK :frowning:
There is no more updates to this. It’s for an obsolete RAID card that has been patched up to 4.16 only.

I know this is not the proper place but I think your way more known into searching for these type of things than I am and I’ve been searching like crazy for a Linux distro of some sort that has kernel no more than 4.16. Tried Ubuntu 18.04 but that seems to have a problem with gcc so I can’t compile it, they said it’s a bug that isn’t fixed at that point so that’s out. CentOS7 has 3.10 and as I tried that is has problems with 64-bit inodes.
I got plenty of data on this RAID-set and need to be able to reach it so I can start using software RAID instead. Right now the precious data is lost to me so my last question is, do you know any such distro or a search engine for this, distrowatch don’t seem to work.

Or btw, is is possible to downgrade it to 4.16?

It is not possible to downgrade. You can get newer kernels from elrepo but beyond that, 4.18 is the default.

My suggestion would be to identify the model of your raid card and see if elrepo has a kmod for it. If this is the case, installing the kmod should allow you to be able to access your drives. If the driver doesn’t exist, you can typically request elrepo to provide a kmod for that hardware.

You can get the required information using lspci. You can also see what driver was being loaded before on an older distribution like centos 7 or otherwise that you may have been using before.

ELRepo | DeviceIDs - This page may or may not be out of date.

Not really sure what a kmod is but if it’s the thing that I start with mobprobe so nope, doesn’t exist.
I mailed with 2 persons on elrepo and one of them said it would be too much work to maintain this, I even asked for a one time thing for kernel 4.17, I even gave him the source to a very similar hardware that has a patch made already but he didn’t reply to that mail so I guess he got tired of me. I even wanted to pay for it.

I just found out that linuxmint 19.2 (tina) is has 4.15.0-54 and is an LTS until April 2023 so I’ll try that and hope I can compile in this even though the gcc problem that ubuntu had.
Hopefully I can also copy all the files for this for my own backup in case they remove it so I have a bit longer to work with if it really works.

thx for the reply though