[Sloved] How to get back software center?

sudo dnf autoremove flatpak* -y
i used this command to remove flatpak’s which are heavy and bloat my old pentium cpu, then it removed software center also.
in so, i am guessing, the software center is just GUI of Flatpaks or whatever.

can someone please help me out get back software center.


Hello @Pulpy_orange

run this
dnf install gnome-software-3.36.1-5.el8.x86_64

but it will install flatpak again as it depend on it gnome-software-3.36.1-10.el8.x86_64.rpm Rocky Linux 8 Download

and have a nice day

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You clearly can run dnf and want to get rid of unnecessary “bloat”. Where do you need the “software center” then?

Thanks, it worked for me.


How can I mark answer.

And close this issue.

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I was meant to remove flatpak.

As far as I know flatpaks and snaps run on sandbox, which is kinda its own VM or something, I have Intel pentium with a 500GB HDD.

So I removed.

you very welcome and looks like you find your way with the forum :slight_smile: