SIG's / Wallaby

I couldn’t find the Wallaby openstack release in the “SIG” deposit. Anyone have an idea about? Do we have any hope of finding it in the future?

It looks like wallaby is 8-stream only at the moment. If it’s released/built for non el8 stream, then we should be able to provide the release packages to it. This may need to be a request to the maintainers of openstack in centos.

I uhh… may have it running on non-stream EL :thinking:

I think i need to make some PRs, but if you wanted to contact upstream too @tango that’d be awesome. I only barely know what I’m doing :smiley:

mmmmhhhh, I wouldn’t know who or how I should contact upstream. But I think that is an important topic it should not be forgotten or archived. At least know where it is blocking and predict how it will happen in the future. Production infrastructures (seriously considering Rocky) need to plan a little in advance


It is said “Please use the Victoria release for CentOS Linux 8 which will reach End Of Life (EOL) on December 31st, 2021” or rather wait for Rocky Linux 8.5, as CentOS Stream has become a Rolling Beta Release for RHEL.

It’s the same with oVirt 4.4.9, you need to manage some additional CentOS Stream packages if you want to install and update it properly.