Searching for perl Net::MQTT::Simple

Hello guys,

As the title says, I am searching for the Net::MQTT::Simple perl package, that I do not find anywhere.
And cpan doesn’ want install (says it doesn’t know anything about it).
I do not even find any MQTT-related perl package.

Does MQTT is an obsolete protocol and must be gave up ?
How do you do with that ?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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I don’t see this package on - and I don’t even see it available for other distros, doesn’t seem to appear in Debian repos either.

Looks like it’s a very rare package that virtually nobody uses if no distributions are packaging it. Looks like you will need to build it from source.

Thank you for your answer.
It happens I have found a perl-Net-MQTT-Simple package in EPEL7Server repository, and it also exists in Fedora40 one.
I do not remember having had any issue when installing it with a Strawberry Perl on Windows some weeks ago.
So yes, I could take the SRPMS from EPEL7, port it to a recent version, compile, build and so… Or do the same with those from Fedora. I nonetheless would prefer not to go into this compilation process if I can avoid it…

I am actually a bit disturbed by this lack of available package. Does the MQTT protocol has sunddenly became obsolete ? Or the Perl language ? Or so what ?

I maintain and use a bunch of production scripts written in Perl+JSON, and use them in a mixed Linux+Windows architecture. As of today, I ssh to Windows boxes to execute any MQTT-related commands. This is not very practical, and the differences between path evaluations on these two OSes are the less of my issues :slight_smile:

So, yes, I am curious if you know any reason for this escheat ?

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Well, I eventually will have spent less time to rebuild the package in a dedicated dev machine than to search for it !

Any way, still curious to have some informations as asked above…

MQTT is quite active at The current development for MQTT is listed under the software link.

Lack of the EPEL packages for Net::MQTT:Simple for EL8/EL9 is due to nobody asking for it to be rebuilded for new releases. Of course, you could build the Fedora src package with Mock or just install this module by creating a directory “Net/MQTT” and putting “” in it.

BTW, MQTT works quite well in Home Assistant.