Samba bug #15418

Are there versions of Rocky Linux with the fix for this bug? If so, which?

It’s fixed on RL9.2 running
rpm -qa samba

rpm -q samba --changelog
* Tue Jul 18 2023 Andreas Schneider <> - 4.17.5-103
- resolves: rhbz#2223516 - Fix CVE-2023-3347 - SMB2 packet signing not enforced
- resolves: rhbz#2223600 - Fix netlogon capabilities level 2

You will have to hunt down the issue on rh bugzilla bug # 2223600 and then links to dependent bugs to find the reference back to 15418.

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Thanks for this. The changelog for the Rocky 8 packages refer to RH bug 2223601, which appears to be the same problem.

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