Rosetta 2 support on Rocky Linux

I have come across a forum showing that Ubuntu can use Rosetta 2 to translate x86 programs on the fly. Is there support for Rocky Linux to use the same?

Rosetta 2 is a dynamic binary translator by Apple to translate x86 programs to work on Apple silicon. I have a lot of x86 packages and programs I want to use on my Rocky Linux VM on Apple silicon Mac.

Could you provide links to the forum where this supposedly exists for Ubuntu? From a quick google I cannot find anything, nor can I find binaries that have been made by anyone, deb or rpm. Or even source code to be able to do this on Linux.

Nothing on either when searching for packages.

sure,I found it on a few different platforms I will link to the ones I found to be step by step and clear.

Well, assuming you are willing to adapt certain things, it should be possible. For example, binfmt-support doesn’t exist (under Setup Rosetta section), so you can do something like this suggested post: Using Rosetta2 with Fedora; "update-binfmts" is not available · utmapp/UTM · Discussion #4601 · GitHub when someone asked about how to do it with Fedora.

After this, adapting all repo files in /etc/yum.repos.d/ to ensure amd64/x86_64 instead of the arm version of Rocky that was installed in the VM when it was initially created.

Then just a case of adapting the remaining command examples (p7zip/docker) given in the rest of the howto.

I’ll give this a try and share if it was successful