RockyLInux 9 Extensions not configurable anymore

hi, i have the problem that i cannot configure the settings of my extensions anymore.
It just does not work any more, before it used to show me all extensions settings, now nothing.
i think something happend after an update.
please help

I’m not sure what you mean by “nothing” when your screen shot shows the list of Extensions with buttons and cog wheels next to them.

The “manual” ones might not work unless you are sure they are compatible with el9.

before updating my system all these cog wheels configurations were working perfectly. Now they are not. This is what i mean.
thank you for your help

Perhaps the extensions need to be updated to work with the new package versions?

how does one update the extensions? by un-install then reinstalling them? or is there like a command?
thank you for our help

Are they extensions that came with Rocky, or were they downloaded and installed from another website?

hi @iwalker, they are downloaded by my self don’t remember from where, but they for sure did not came with Rocky 9
Thanx for the help

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