RockyLinux 9 appearence locked to dark

This problem is linked to my extensions not being configurable anymore.
i created a new post for the extensions.

One of my extensions manages the time where appearance changes light to dark, and because the extensions are not configurable any more that is the problem.
See other post for help.

I lost my light theme after updating or something happened.
I am stuck now with Adwaita-dark Appearance theme.
i would like it light in the morning and then dark at evening, but i cannot change it to anything.
I only have the dark one.

Please help

The drop down, next to applications, can you not change it back to “Adwaita (default)”.

Whan you say “after updating”, what do you mean; updating from 9.2 to 9.3 or something else?

this problem is liked to the other extensions “configruation problem” i posted.

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