Broken gnome after update

After the most recent, update a large portion of gnome, most administrative items seem to have disappeared. No more printer configuration and such. Also gone is the ability to set the timeout on the console screen. It has gone back to 5 minutes which is inconvenient. Now there is no longer even a spot to change it.

don’t know if it’s relevant, but today I realized that the ‘classic’ gnome parts were gone! I could see only the wayland and X11 sessions avail on the login , really weird.
(edit to clarify things . on Rocky 9.4)

@dmfwi I noticed that you didn’t mention a Rocky Linux version (8.10 or 9.4). Which version are you using? I’m using 9.4, fully upgraded, and everything is still working here.

Can you clarify the list of Gnome related packages that were changed as part of this update?

This is in ref to 9.4

printers for one. video (terminal) settings for another. An the acursed screen timeout is back to 5 minutes.

I have no idea as what was intended to be updated or what actually was.

You should be able to find out the ID of the update on 7/28/24 by using

dnf history list

Once you’ve got the ID you can use

dnf history info ID

Sorry for folowing up on my own post. The server in question is a DEll T550. Yesterday, Sun, the server did a lot of Dell updates - bios, firmware, etc. Today (7/15) things are back to normal and working again. No clue as to what the actual problem or solution is. Moral of story, if you own a DEll server keep it p to date.