A couple of questions re Gnome Software on Rocky Linux Workstation 8.5


A couple of questions:

  1. Sometimes when I use Gnome Software eg to check for updates, it gives me an error message:

Sorry something went wrong.
The name :1.211 was not provided with any .service files.

I am not sure why this error occurs or how to fix it, any help would be appreciated.

  1. When I go to Updates section in Gnome Software, it says:

Software is up to date
Last checked: (eg) 8:14 am

Which I presume is the time earlier in the same day, maybe when I started the computer.

Yet when I click the circular arrow in top left to manually check for updates, often there is an update. Even an hour later after the time that Software said it last checked.

So this means to me that when Gnome Software says it has last checked for updates (even an hour ago) it has actually missed current available updates.

Any help in understanding what is happening would be appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time.

If you only have Gnome software from the official Rocky repos, you may be able to use ‘dnf upgrade’ instead. This will update Rocky and Gnome at the same time.