Rocky v8.4 on Dell XPS w/ nVidia graphics will not shut down

Among other issues, I’m seeing the following failure when I attempt to shutdown Rocky Linux v8.4.


This is a new Dell XPS 8940. I’ve configured the BIOS to turn off Secure Boot and set the SATA configuration to “AHCI” (not “RAID”). I’ve left the BIOS configured in the “Auto” position for the display, so that it chooses either the on-board Intel graphics or the add-on graphics card.

This may be a result of system changes resulting from my attempt to install Workstation Pro 16. Here is what I did, following guidance from VMWare documentation (all operations are while logged into a bash shell as root):

yum update
dnf install epel-release
dnf install gcc make perl kernel-devel kernel-headers bzip2 dkms
yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
yum install elfutils-libelf-devel
dnf update kernel-*

The Workstation Pro install fails (I’ve started a different thread).

The system starts its fans after being idle for awhile (15-30 min). Eventually it crashes (I don’t know how to obtain info about why). If I attempt to shut down the system, the monitor shows the above text.

If I press and hold the power-off button, the system refuses to shut down and instead attempts to reboot. I’m able to make it actually turn off by pressing and holding the physical power button 2-3 times (maybe more?), each time waiting to see if it stays turned off.

I’m wondering I should:

  1. Nuke and rebuild Rocky Linux and see if this issue occurs without the attempted Workstation Pro install
  2. Nuke and rebuild with a standard Centos 8 ISO, to see if this issue is specific to Rocky Linux

I appreciate any guidance.