Rocky Linux official AWS AMI

when will can i found an official Rocky Linux AWS AMI on Amazon cloud to run an EC2 istance with this OS?
Thanks a lot

IIRC, @neil talked about it somewhere on Mattermost.
Is it still planned?

It’s coming. Our AMI was submitted to AWS and we’re just waiting for it to be published. We’ll be sure to update you when it’s available!


Thank you so much…
Will you reply to this post when the AMI will be ready?

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sure i’ll reply here


Could you provide us the Account number from which the AMI will be published? Thanks.

bumping with an update

An x86_64 AMI is now available via our account here.

cc: @sampath.ganji @ducarpit


Thank you so much @jorp

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Thank you @jorp. Do you know when the arm64 image would be available?

Thank you for the update. For those of us who prefer to avoid AWS Marketplace (for various reasons), can someone please provide a listing of AMIs for each of the regions? Thanks!

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I see that even if I get the ami ID, I had to subscribe to the product before using the AMI. Would it be possible to share the AMI from an account like CentOS is shared from Fedora’s official account?

Yup! here you go.

Could you publish AWS Marketplace product codes as well please?