Us-east-1 missing AWS ami

When I search for Rocky Linux 9 on AWS while in region us-east-1 I only see 8.5 and 8.6 but if I search in others regions us-east-2, us-west-1, us-west-2 I see 8.5, 8.6, 8.7, 9.0 & 9.1. I’m searching for the owner 792107900819

Is any one aware of this problem or am I missing something?


Thank you for the notification. I’ve opened a bug to track this problem: 0001684: AWS AMIs are not available in every region due to AWS quotas - Rocky BugTracker

I’ll work to get it fixed this week. In the meantime, you should be able to either copy one of the AMIs into your account in the proper region, or use the Marketplace image which is automatically propagated by the Marketplace automation when subscribing to an image.

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Heyo - this should be resolved now.

Thank you for your patience!

us-east-1 is still missing rocky 8.7. I believe that’s the only region that’s missing it.

This will be addressed shortly when I update our images with a new version to fix some issues. I apologize for the delay, I was on holiday.

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Sorry for the delay. New images have been published, so a new 8.7 should be available for you to grab. I made sure they’re available in us-east-1 to clone to a new account.


I am try to find a marketplace ami for Rocky 9.0 in us-east-1, and looks have the same problem.