Rocky Linux 9.4 and Matlab


I recently migrated to Rocky Linux 9.4 and am a big user or Matlab. Wondering if anyone has had success installing Matlab to Rocky Linux 9.4? If so would you mind sharing how this went? Do you have to install more packages in addition to Matlab.

John Kissell

I have yet to install matlab under Rocky 9, but under Rocky 8 I had to install redhat-lsb-core. The corresponding package under Rocky 9 appears to be lsb_release.

First of all thank you for your response. I’ve been trying to read up on this before jumping in so it has taken awhile to respond. So if I understand correctly you used the standard package rehat-lsb-core with Rocky 8. You believe lsb_release should work with Rocky 9. I’m searching internet for these packages. What repository contains these standard packages or where might I go to find them? Are they rpm files? Any other recommendations for reading to educate myself more? I appreciate the help. Some installation notes would be of help also.

The LSB package for Rocky 8 is in the appstream repository which you should have by default, but the one for Rocky 9 is in EPEL which is not enabled by default. (You can enable the EPEL repository by running dnf install epel-release.)

As long as you have internet access and the appropriate repositories enabled, all you have to do to install one of these is dnf install packagename. (This will also take care of installing any necessary dependencies.) The command dnf info packagename will show info about the specified package.

Nearly all the other notes I have about matlab installation are particular to my systems and license configuration – the gist is that once all the dependencies are met and license info checks out, everything “just works”.

Your best source of help for matlab-specific stuff is going to be matlab’s own documentation. I had an install guide that came in my installation files – look for mathworks_installation_help.pdf.

epel repo
but RH thinks this is deprecated
wonder why MatLab wants it?

Sounds great. Thank you for sharing details.

I did talk to Mathworks yesterday and they said minimum install for Mathlab is 2022b so I will need to update my version.

Hi all,

I went to Mathworks Matlab 2024a and am running it without installing that lsb_release package. As of now thing seem to run fine. At this point it doesn’t seem like the package is needed to run Matlab 2024a. If there was a specific error or warning for an older version maybe linde could post it. I haven’t been running long but everything seems ok with Matlab.

Is Matlab 2024a 100% free and open source?

Does it matter? It’s something students tend to use at university, and it’s a paid product. The most important thing here is it works on Rocky Linux. I don’t see how this question is relevant to be honest?