Rocky Linux 9.1 ?!?

OK while I was out “hunting” I noticed that now that RL 8.7 is out, and I now have it running smooth as butter, I came across the “fact” that RL plans to release a new minor update of RL 8.x every 6 months (!!): One every MAY and one every NOVEMBER.

Out of curiosity, does this MAY / NOVEMBER release timetable hold as well to RL 9.x? I noticed that RHEL 9.1 is now out and was released on NOVEMBER 15th!! IF this MAY / NOVEMBER release date thing is real, that means that Rocky Linux 9.1 should be out within the week, or, at latest, the first week of DECEMBER.

Me?!? I’d rather that Rocky get it right and just like that wine commercial that says " No wine will be released before its time", so that I do not need to go back and twiddle with it . My CURIOSITY is at least now starting to burble about RL 9.1. While I remain steadfast in NOT installing any XYZ.0 releases, I’m very curious about Rocky Linux 9.1 – it might well be time to install 9.1 whenever it is released – assuming people have no MAJOR problems – like INSTALL problems – on a spare 1.0 TB HDD of Spinning Rust, if for no other reason than to start “kicking tires”. I think that the earliest release I actually installed and liked – more or less – was an XYZ.2. That was indeed a RARE event as I can’t stand most XYZ.2 releases. My Earliest installs are usually in the XYZ.3 or XYZ.4 range. With the exception that my 8.7 “update” was sans KDE, the truth of the matter, this has been the most flawless update of my WS in many YEARS – NOTHING BLEW UP!! If Rocky Linux 9.1 is ANYTHING like 8.6=>8.7, I can well see doing a full install of Rocky Linux 9.2. But first I want to kick some tires in 9.1.


The release is in testing, going through all ISO images, cloud images, etc, etc, to make sure everything is OK. So it will be released very soon I’m sure :slight_smile:

Ah, I think the ask here was whether 9.1 is a stable release worth running / whether the 9.x major version is stable / worth running yet in general.

To which I’d answer: 9.1 is appropriate for usage in all scenarios (personal, business, server, workstation, whatever). Just make sure to check that any external software you rely on supports 9.x.

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@desercat is both verbose and very suspicious of “all early” point releases. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are RHEL all 9.x stable?
Very (by some definition of “stable”), compared to many other distros.

Are Rocky all 9.x stable?
Yes, if you do count asymptotically approaching bug-for-bug compatible with corresponding RHEL 9.x as stable.

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