Is there going to be a Rocky 9

With redhat releasing v9 is there any word of a Rocky v9? I used my Red Hat Developer to install it on virtualbox. The first quirk is there are no modules. I just got used to working with modules in v8 and now they seem to be gone.

That is no “quirk”, but “blessing”.

Red Hat made almost everything in RHEL 8 a module, even though there was no real need for those packages to be in modules. Apparently the feedback about modules has been unanimously not a praise; the implementation of dnf module system has issues.

Therefore, RHEL 9 has different packaging policy: make it module, if it has to be a module. Guess what? Nothing in RHEL 9.0 has to be a module. Some module streams are likely to be added in point updates, later.

Rocky 9 released, available here

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