Rocky 9 and vnc issues

I’m having a very odd issue with vncserver on Rocky 9.3.

If I go to a remote system, run “vncserver” and set up a listening vncserver, go back to my local workstation, and run “vncviewer” and try to connect to that remote vnc session, as a regular user, I get this weird error “Authentication Required - Authentication is required to create a color profile” and then it references the Nessus network scanner account.
If I do the exact same thing as above but run it as the root account, everything works fine and I never get that “Authentication Required” message.

So, quick summary, if I set up the VNC session as root, I can connect to it successfully via vncviewer with either root or a regular user account. If I set up the VNC session as a regular user, I get the above error, regardless of whether I use vncviewer as root or a regular user.

OS version is Rocky 9.3, and tigervnc and tigervncviewer are the vnc versions being used.

Any idea what might be causing that?


Could be related to polkit.

Check this out…

I grepped running processes for “nessus” (the nessus scanner account) and there’s a “/usr/lib/polkit-1/polkit-agent-helper-1 nessus cookie9” process running. Just thinking out loud, I’m wondering if nessus is trying to test for an exploit, but it doesn’t gracefully let go of the connection if it fails, and the process is still waiting there to be authenticated correctly.
I’ve tried killing that process number, but another one immediately replaces it.
This might be more of a nessus question than a Rocky9/vnc question. But I’m hoping someone might have seen this happen before.