How to use RealVNC on Rocky 9.3

I installed the RealVNC 7.8 on Rocky 9 successfully, but when i try to logon via GNOME desktop , it showed an error screen, and not allow me to login.

I known it could be use tigerVNC, that’s indeed worked. But we have more than 30+ colleague use this server, i don’t wanna create VNC service for everyone … Like james use :1 desktop, marry use :2 desktop, it’s not a good choice for lots of users remote login via tigerVNC.

Anyone could give me some suggestion if we could not use RealVNC anymore on Rocky 9 , so which remote desktop software shoud we choose ?

Thank you all and hope to get your help.

RealVNC lists version 6.10 or higher for el9. Also, lists disabling Wayland.✓&query=Rhel

This link lists how to configure tiger vnc on el9 or higher (sign up for a free developer acct to view)

TigerVNC can use socket activation.

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