Rocky 8.5 - ATTO Celerity FC-164P card

I am migrating a HP Z840 from Centos 7.6 to Rocky 8.5. The machine has an ATTO Celerity FC-164P card. It was working fine in Centos but with Rocky, I cannot get the fiber ports to work. The atto config tool sees the card and the setup seems good, but the card’s LED do not work now and there is no light coming from the ports. I have downloaded the latest drivers. Some state that rocky is not compatible with certain drivers but not all.
I have fiddled with the BIOS atto config tool but that does not change anything.
Is anyone else using these types of cards on Rocky?
Many thanks

I’d presume that 8.7 is currently the only supported Rocky 8. (Likewise, CentOS 7 is now 7.9.)
By “migration” you surely mean: “I’m installing Rocky 8. CentOS 7 was fine on this hardware.”?

What is the device ID of the FC-164P?

Thank you for your interest. I discovered that the ATTO Celerity FC-164P needs a firmware upgrade done before Rocky is installed onto the machine. I did the firmware upgrade in Centos this morning and now the card works fine in a Rocky machine.
The issue is explained here.

Many thanks

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