RHEL 8.5 Beta announced

I just noticed this on RH:

It seems to just babble about the “experience”, not sure if there’s anything you could actually use in real life…

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Ansible roles are convenient, if one uses ansible for configuration management.

CentOS Stream 8 hints that there should be firewalld-0.9. The 0.9 will introduce “policy objects”. Upstream wrote:

With some exceptions (e.g. masquerade, forward-ports) firewalld was previously [pre-0.9] limited to being an end-station firewall. This meant you could not use it to filter traffic flowing between virtual machines, containers, and zones. A subset of that functionality was available by using the direct interface and writing your own iptables rules, but it wasn’t a great user experience.

What is needed is a way to apply a policy for traffic flowing between zones.

See? “Experience”.

Interesting about firewalld; it will be good to see the RHEL Reaease Notes for 8.5, which are normally comprehensive, e.g. showing which packages are updated.