Rhel 8.5 finally released

Hello everyone

it’s released What's new in RHEL 8.5
it been very busy 10 days for redhat they release rhel 9 beta and fedora 35 and now rhel 8.5

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Nice info, I’ve just upgraded. Thanks.

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There are two obvious, unrelated topics:

  • What fun can be had with the new toys?
    I’d say that “FirewallD can filter forwarded traffic” is a significant addition.
  • How long will the RL/CL/AL take to push out their 8.5?
    It is not a competition, but it can still act as one factor when deciding on distro.

sure and i notice Alma linux released 8.5 beta after rhel released their beta by 3 days
so my guess that alma will follow each release for the final released version of rhel not sure if they will go for beta 9 or will wait till it released or what

for rocky i guess they maybe stick to only the final release at least for now as they not funded as alma do
but i like rocky more not sure why but looks like i infected by the rocky virus :joy:

Current RHEL 9 beta is a quite early peek into what is in the works. See RHEL 9 Beta is here - #5 by toracat

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AlmaLinux has already released 8.5 it’s on their mirrors.

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This is NOT a good sign that Alma Linux already has been upgraded to 8.5 and Rocky Linux hasn’t upgraded. One of the biggest criteria when moving away from CentOS 8 was how fast a distro updates its packages and can update itself. I thought between Alma and Rocky Linux and thought Rocky Linux would be it but with Alma already upgrading, I am thinking to maybe move to Alma Linux instead.

alma and rocky did not come to existance cause the fast releasing but cause centos 8 become a stream version (a beta one) and no one would like to have a production server on a pre released version
of course release update fast is good

Part of the criteria [for most people] when choosing a CentOS 8 replacement is how fast a distro can update itself.

then from your words that most people did not complain about that centos become stream? :thinking: then why they changed centos stream is fast now there also centos stream 9

I don’t think you are comparing the same thing. Getting a new package before RHEL does is “faster”, but not same as getting 1:1 equivalent of RHEL faster.

CL has had significant delays after some RHEL releases and I bet that both Rocky and Alma will do better on average. However, they do have different approaches, resources, community, and governance. Those might count more that plain speed.

Can’t you easily switch between the distros?

AlmaLinux is backed by CloudLinux which has been a proven infrastructure. Rocky Linux is built from scratch and has done a fantastic job since its inception, a few days behind AlmaLinux is no shame.

Oracle Linux which has been around for years has not been released either.

i do no think you get what i mean he said that Part of the criteria [most of people] switch cause of speed of release but i said that the existence of alma and rocky only show up cause of the stream release and centos was slow for while it was not like last couple of months or something and no one come to create anything till the stream come show up in the game

and i also said that of course release update fast is good

totaly agree to that

why you asking me to switch ?

Note that all of us are volunteers on this project and things take time. We had 8.5 completely built the day of but we have been spending a large amount of time on testing. The other reason for the delay is because we just got our shim approved for secure boot, so there was testing that was involved in that area as well. We will be releasing 8.5 shortly.

With that being said, we have a new build system coming around that should significantly help for 9 (and if possible, we will retrofit 8 into it). This will also allow us to have a full and more automated test suite as well among many other things.


I am totally down with waiting for more testing and a more stable/automated build process.This is an enterprise OS, after all. The last thing I’d want is to have to roll back some important packages or (gasp) have to rebuild one of my production boxes, just for a slightly earlier release date.

Keep up the good work!


I don’t ask you to switch. I rather did ask whether a choice made yesterday is set in stone, or easy to reverse should circumstances demand.

Even RHEL users have had to wait to upgrade, if they have certain ELRepo or EPEL packages.

SB is a major milestone.

awesome and thanks for the good work

that what i like about it and keep the good work

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then sorry for my miss understanding

I’ll add a ‘me too’ to your post and congratulate the team on the work they’re doing. I’ve been waiting for secure boot as I run all my servers as VMs and I can’t wait to ‘upgrade’ to RockyLinux. :slight_smile:

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None of my VMs has SB (although only one has EFI, rest have legacy). KVM via OpenStack or libvirt.
I take other hypervisors are more demanding?

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