R.L. 9.2: Music Players

OK I am still whacking away RL 9.2. I must say while the process has been a bit S-L-O-W the install is coming along . I installed the VLC Media Player, but would like to install either Clementine or Amarok. Anyone know how to do it?

Also I would like to install Cinnamon. Is it possible??

Anything else one one recommend I install? (While I have got KDE installed I have avoided like the plague installing the NVIDIA drivers as the last ime was a total disaster. Has anyone else had this experience? Any fool-proof method for installing the Nidia Drivers? KMOD Nvidia use to be a fool proof method, not any longer).

Check epel.

Check rpmfusion and use the akmod.

Checing under every rock. I found a way to install Cinnamon . This is my backup DE to KDE.

akmod?!? Need to check this out.


As far as music players are concerned strawberry a fork of clementine is also very nice
regards peter

There are only a couple of music players in the 9 repos it seems. I tried audacious but it wouldn’t play .m4a files even after I installed ffmpeg. I also tried juk but was not very happy with that.

So I stepped outside the box and looked for a python based music player abd found Exaile. Quite a few reuirements but almost all that I needed were in the 9 repos and the one that wasn’t was a pip install.

Exaile is great. https://exaile.org/