Problem with network

Hi All

Really strange this.

I have a number of RL VM’s on a SCALE appliance, all with their NICs on VLAN 160

All of a sudden, on of the VM’s networking has stopped.

I have done the following:

Removed card, reset IPV4, flushed routes, deactivated, reactivated, added a second on the same VLAN, nothing works

Can’t ping the GW, or any IP address.

I change the second NIC that I added t another VLAN, set up IPV4 and that works fine.

ALL of the RL9 VM’s are on the SAME host, on the SAME VLAN.

I have restarted NewtworkManager service


I simply can not get this VM to communicate on VLAN 160, even though all the others are working just fine.

ens3 is on VLAN 160
ens4 is on VLAN 10


VLAN 160:
VLAN 10:

Any ideas?

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