Pcloud Linux client

pCloud desktop client for Linux is available in AppImage format. AppImage apps can be run on most Linux distributions including Fedora and Ubuntu, but not Rocky or CentOS

Any workarounds?

Have you tried it? I’m running the pCloud desktop client on RHEL 8 with zero issues. I would guess they meant fedora >= 21. RHEL/Rocky/Centos are based on Fedora so there shouldn’t be any issue.

yes I have. Got error related to AppImage format. I went with MEGA cloud instead. Dropbox didn’t work for me either.

You got me curious and I installed Rocky in a VM. If you download the pcloud appimage and then double click it you do indeed get and error along the lines of “no application installed for “AppImage application bundle” files”. This is because by default the appimage isn’t marked executable. If you right click on the file, select properties, and on the permissions tab select the Execute check box then when you double click it it will start right up. Alternatively if you do it from the terminal you just need chmod +x ./pcloud and then it will run. This is step two on the download page: pCloud - File Security Made Simple | pCloud. Starts right up no problems.

thanks for going through the trouble to check this out.
you are absolutely right. Just a chmod u+x
how stupid is that
thanks again