PCI IRQ Routing error on boot

Hello Rocky Linux Forum.

My desktop is an old ASUS N56VB 1.0 with Intel (R) Core ™ i7-3630QM CPU @ 3.40 GHZ with a memory of 8GB and running on NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 740m and it’s a 3rd Gen

It’s running on Rocky Linux kernel version 4.18.0-372.16.1.el8_6.x86_64 with my OS being RL 8.6 ( Green Obsidian x86_64

The problem is that every time I boot my machine , it throws an error : PCI IRQ routing as it loads the GRUB

Is there a way I could resolve this error by editing the GRUB configuration file and how do I go about it?


Does it stop your system from booting, or does it boot fine? I have a feeling I’ve seen this on other distros, but I just ignored it, since my systems were working fine.

@iwalker Not really it doesn’t stop my system from booting. It’s only that it’s very annoying and I do also ignore it .

I thought that may be there was a solution out there . Thanks for your feedback sir .

I did a quick google, but without the full error or where it appears, eg before grub or after grub during the boot process, is a little difficult to find anything.

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