Patch management tool for Rocky

Hi. Do we have a recommended tool for patch management for Rocky OS? Ive tried to inquire with different patch management providers, and they are saying that their tool does not support Rocky OS. IS redhat satellite compatible for rocky? Thank you.

What do you mean by “patch management”?

I think he means things like Katello, Uyuni, SUSE Manager (which used to be Spacewalk/Red Hat Satellite before Red Hat replaced it). SUSE Manager being commercial offering like Red Hat Satellite.

They are some options that should work with Rocky.

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In AWS environment, There AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager has now included Rocky Linux 8 as their supported OS for patching.

Katello (red hat satellite upstream) should be able to import and have Rocky Linux available as a “product” that a rocky linux client can subscribe to. I did this in the past with CentOS and one of our testers as far as I’m aware run Katello and import Rocky Linux 8 and 9 into their instance.

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Thank you all for the responses. Has someone used qualys to do patching/endpoint management for rocky? Thanks.