Oracle 11g on rocky linux


i am using cent os 7 for our oracle database in our company, planning to migrate to rocky linus in another 1 year.

can any one help me know whether rocky linux 8.5 supports oracle 11g.

thanks in advanRegarda,


I think you’ll find it’s more the other way around. Does Oracle support running Oracle 11g on RHEL8/Rocky Linux.

As per this link: 11g support on rhel 8 — oracle-tech someone says that is support on RHEL8. So assuming your version is higher than this, then you should be able to run it on Rocky Linux 8. That said, if you have problems with Oracle 11g not working, and need support from Oracle I doubt that you would get it, unless Rocky is in the list of distributions that they support. If you do not need support, and can fix issues on your own if Oracle doesn’t work properly, then you can always try it and see. For testing/development that might be enough. For production it depends if you are willing to risk it or not.


Thanks for the advice and info.

As per Oracle Support is not supported on RHEL 8.

So, I worked at Oracle and represented Enterprise Linux in customer accounts. Oracle’s general policy is to support on all the RHEL variants - however, if you run into a bug that Oracle things might be OS related (as in CLEARLY not a problem with Oracle’s code) they’ll ask you to recreate the problem on certified HW running a certified OS. These days, the easiest way to do that is to spin up a quick DB instance on OCI, test the problem, document the failure - and past it into the MOS portal. At that point - the issue goes away and the support team will continue the work.