Hey everyone,

I have done some work in writing Ansible playbooks to deploy OpenStack on CentOS 7.4 (GitHub - salimwp/OpenStackOrchestration: Ansible playbooks for set up OpenStack). Would there be an option for better support for RDOProject or similar under Rocky Linux? I am willing to help out where possible.

I’ve built openstack by hand on CentOS more times than I care to admit and would be willing to help out here as well. Orchestration is absolutely necessary and sussing out the issues by building from scratch is often rewarding.

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That’s awesome @Crono782! Orchestration is the way to go based on killing myself doing manual rollouts . The ‘DevOpsification’ element is pretty nice to quickly test out new configs. I hope they create some SIGs and a cloud one more specific. Feel free to shoot me a message if you want to set up some collab.

That’s great ! I’m starting to test miniONE, from Open Nebula cloud management system, in CentOS 8 (will test on C7 next month to test migration scenarios). Will play with Ansible + Terraform too. I think getting this possibility of OpenStack and Open Nebula right into Rocky from the beginning will be a huge win to test in battle cloud deploys on large scale.

I’m not a specialist in OpenStack, but I feel comfortable to learn some and get my hands on the wheel to help too.