Openstack on Rocky

Does anyone know if openstack nova compute and neutron with openvswitch will run on a Rocky 8 host?
Is Rocky going to be a supported platform?

Runs fine on Rocky8 here (neutron with a simple provider network, however).

RDO packages for Rocky8 and 9 can be found here:

See: OpenStack packages for RHEL and CentOS — Installation Guide documentation


  • Included selinux rules are incomplete, so either roll your own or set selinux to permissive.
  • Disable firewalld
  • Disable NetworkManager and enable legacy network (not sure if that works on Rocky9)
  • OpenStack still requires iptables/ebtables and uses the legacy binaries

Actual legacy binaries or the wrappers that are installed in EL8 by default?

There is support in OpenStack Ansible for deploying Yoga on Rocky 8, however in Z and in the future, A again, Rocky 8 will be replaced with Rocky 9 in OSA for a number of reasons.

I can’t speak for the rest of the projects or for OpenStack itself, but I’ve had great success running OpenStack on Rocky from source. The RDO packages are something I’ve not ever really messed with, as I prefer different installation methods.

The wrappers.

One more thing to watch out for:

The package edk2-ovmf from Rocky-8 appstream does not include firmware to enable booting from UEFI but with secure-boot disabled. I got the missing files (60-edk2-ovmf-nosb.json and the two files referenced in there) from an Fedora 35 installation. After that, you can switch secure-boot of guests
on a per image basis. Also OpenStack’s doc is wrong about the hw_machine_type property, required for UEFI support on x86_64 guests. The correct value ist q35 (lowercase!).

The xtables wrappers – even systemd units for them – and ‘ipset’ seem to be in el9 (but have deprecated status):

[root@Alma9 ~]# dnf -q list \*iptables\* | grep -v i686
Available Packages
iptables-devel.x86_64                      1.8.7-28.el9                appstream
iptables-libs.x86_64                       1.8.7-28.el9                baseos   
iptables-nft.x86_64                        1.8.7-28.el9                baseos   
iptables-nft-services.noarch               1.8.7-28.el9                appstream
iptables-utils.x86_64                      1.8.7-28.el9                baseos

Legacy network scripts were in el8, but in deprecated state.

[root@Alma8 ~]# dnf -q list network-scr\*
Available Packages
network-scripts.x86_64                   10.00.15-1.el8              baseos
network-scripts-team.x86_64              1.31-2.el8                  baseos

They are not in el9. Red Hat writes in Chapter 11. Networking Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 | Red Hat Customer Portal

Previously, NetworkManager stored new network configurations to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ in the ifcfg format. Starting with RHEL 9.0, RHEL stores new network configurations at /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ in a key file format. The connections for which the configurations are stored to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ in the old format still work uninterrupted. Modifications in existing profiles continue updating the older files.

The el8 does actually have two versions of ifup script, from packages ‘NetworkManager-initscripts-updown’ and ‘network-scripts’. The former is a wrapper to ‘nmcli’. The latter is the genuine legacy script.

The el9 does have ‘NetworkManager-initscripts-updown’ and hence the wrapper ifup/ifdown (but not installed by default). If OpenStack would accept the wrappers, then it might cope with Rocky 9.