OpenCL 32-bit development files

Trying to compile wine on Rocky, but when i look via yum for a OpenCL i only find this ones:

gromacs-opencl.x86_64 : GROMACS OpenCL kernels
opencl-filesystem.noarch : OpenCL filesystem layout
opencl-headers.noarch : OpenCL (Open Computing Language) header files
rocm-opencl.x86_64 : ROCm OpenCL Runtime
rocm-opencl-devel.x86_64 : ROCm OpenCL development package

¿Does someone know where i can find a i686 version? Thanks in advance.

All packages might not have “opencl” in name. Try:

dnf search opencl

OT: Where do you get GROMACS from?

You don’t need to compile wine yourself. You can get it from EPEL.

dnf install epel-release
crb enable
dnf install wine

That is basically same as doing yum search opencl.
Gromacs… dunno, but must be in a repo (baseos,appstream,epel,powertools or mysql) from the ones i got config

The wine version on epel is 6, for reasons need at least 7, working from source in wineHQ just released 8.6 but thanks for the answers

Yes, ‘yum’ is a mere symlink to ‘dnf’. The search shows ocl-icd* packages in appstream and powertools.

Ahh, EPEL 8 has GROMACS. I was looking at EPEL 9.

Thanks, forgot to mention it’s Rocky 8. Couldn’t find cause name is abreviated…