How to install opencl on Roky Linux 9.3?

Hi, I’m trying to install the driver on AMD using opencl so I can use Davinci Resolve, but I get an error related to Mirror when I try to install, does anyone know how to solve it? my video card is an RX 6600 and the Rocky Linux 9.3 system

I managed to find a solution.

As AMD has not yet released an updated version of the Driver for version 9.3, the repositories were pointing to version 9.3, which does not exist, which is why I was unable to install it.

I did the following, accessed the directory:
etc /yum.repos.d

I changed the amdgpu.repo file

in the lines: baseurl=Index of /amdgpu/5.7.2/rhel/9.2/main/x86_64/

I changed the path to version 9.2 and it worked perfectly

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