Old package archive planned?

after an package update the downgrade will be impossible, because the previous version of the package are not present an any repos. Are the plans to create an package archive, so that dnf downgrade will work?

Hi @tux
Hmm… so inside of the point release all packages stay in the repo, only with the new point release all package will be rebuilt and the repo built new.

But the old packages don’t disappear, they get moved as a whole to the archive: Index of /vault/rocky/

Sounds like you are searching for this :thinking:

I can’t see any packages here:
is complete empty. Only an iso file is here, so I can’t say if this that, for what I was searching.

Yes of course, because 9.0 is the current release, which means they are over in pub: Index of /pub/rocky/9.0/ (and also symlinked to /9/)

(to tell a bit about why, pub is synced to the mirrors, but vault is only on the central CDN)

This is not what I meaning.
As I see only that last version of an package is in the repo.
But where can I found the previous one?
For example tzdata-2022c-1.el9_0.noarch which was replaced by tzdata-2022d-1.el9_0.noarch.
So where is the old tzdata-2022c-1.el9_0.noarch moved to?

Oh… right… I remember, this is still a pending feature for peridot, to leave the old packages in the repo :confused:

Sorry about that they should be there but are not because peridot removes them for 9 until now.

Oh damn,
but no show stopper, as the last defence line, I can rebuild the previous package from the git source via mock. I have added me to the github issue. I hope, that this will be fixed very soon.

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I just asked Releng as well now, maybe they are still left somewhere, where I don’t know they are ^^

Here we go!

@neil helped me out and queried for the assets in Peridot, so they are here: