Odd internet blocking

I’ve got some weird internet blocking going on since the 9.3 update but not necessarily because of it.

In the browser I get youtube and facebook but ebay is blocked.
Using a prompt I have a working dnf but can’t ping even google or ssh to my own sites.

What can cause that?

Sounds DNS-related. What DNS servers are you using in your machine config? Is it obtaining them from DHCP from your router/firewall? You could override this by editing /etc/resolv.conf temporarily and add something like:


The first two entries being google, the second two being OpenDNS. You don’t need to use all of them, just use the first or second pair. See if that improves things, if it does, then it would suggest you need to check your DNS config on your router - maybe the ISP ones are filtering for some reason?

Sorted the first error “no ebay”.

Where in General Conf it mentions “Firewall Zone” I’ve set that to “Home”
3 places, the bridge, network and phone.

I’ve been trying to sort out why when I remove the phone USB (the router) it is so iffy getting it to reconnect, it finds the phone but has issues getting an address. I’d turned off IP4 for a test. This made some sites like ebay fail.

It’s just down to the issue with konsole which seems like it doesn’t have a pass from the firewall.

Looks like the issue disappeared.

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