No DNS or outside IP connectivity

Hi, bit of a noob here, this is a new install. I cannot ping outside my local net, I do have IP connectivity inside, meaning I can ping local machines. I cannot ping outside nor reach any websites. Other machines on the local net can reach the Internet fine. My firewall is off. I think I might have had outside web access through Firefox at first and then I messed with some DNS setting Firefox asked about sending DNS requests to Cloudflare or something but I can’t remember really. I did a Firefox refresh but that didn’t help and I can’t install another browser cuz I can’t reach the Internet. sigh.

Are you sure that your gateway setting is correct?

Can you ping an IP address rather than a domain name? If you can, then you have a dns issue. If you can’t, then you have a routing issue.

Hi Frank,
Thanks for the reply. Yes, my gateway is correct for my home network and when I try a trace route its first hop is my router which is the gateway address. I cannot ping outside my local lan. I can ping inside though.


This was working after my initial install because I did software updates. Something I did after I guess. I can’t figure it out

Its OK to close this I’ve reloaded and all is well now. Thank you, all.