Network issue from VPS

I have a fresh Rocky 9 image installed on a shared VPS hosting site. I have a game server set up and running, which is a fairly straightforward java process listening on port 25565. The VPS has a control panel firewall section, through which I have opened this port. I also added a permanent rule to firewalld to allow tcp traffic into this port. The server is also hosting a simple apache website, which I have had no problems communicating and securing with SSL over the standard ports. SSH port 22 works fine.

Internal nmap of the port 25565 shows that it’s open, but from an external client, nmap shows the port state is “filtered”. I have tried disabling firewalld, when I do, the port still appears filtered.

I have contacted the VPS hosting support, thinking it was some part of their security layer that’s blocking traffic, but they said the only port they block is port 25, and that “network administration is out of their scope, and I should consult with a network administrator”

All this server has on it is an apache web server which I have implemented dozens of times, and this game server. The community around the game system administration also says everything looks fine, and that I might try to narrow the issue down by installing some other service on a different port, and seeing if that works (try to determine wether the issue is JVM, or is indeed VPS related)

Anyone have any similar experience with this? Hosting company is IONOS

Could be selinux, try:

audit2allow -a /var/log/audit/audit.log

and see what violations are reported there that may be related to your game server. You can also do temporariy:

setenforce 0

to disable selinux, then restart the game server and check it’s listening on it’s port, and then attempt to connect externally. If it works, then that will prove that it’s selinux. You can then enable selinux by rebooting or just doing:

setenforce 1

but either way, you will need to see what violations are then reported in /var/log/audit/audit.log.

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