NVidia driver on Rocky Linux 8.8

Hi, new to Rocky Linux. I installed the nvidia drivers on a fresh Rocky Linux 8.8, by following:

I am running an old NVidia GTX 960 graphics card with NVidia 535.54.03 drivers.
The install was painless.
X11 seems fine and it is running the NVidia driver. However since then, I cannot login to Wayland. Clicking on the cogwheel and selecting any of the two Wayland options brings me back to the main login again in an eternal loop.
Can anyone help?

IIRC, the NVidia’s driver still lacks proper support for Wayland.
One bit of its installation drops in config that disables Wayland options.

On Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS, with the NVidia drivers, you can login to Wayland but it changes the driver to use the Mesa one. Rocky Linux seems to be missing that, then.

while not of any direct help, i can say im using that nvidia driver under fedora 38 (6.0.8 kernel) with a 1070ti installed using the .run shar like installer.
Its working fine in wayland/kde.
Therefore Im not sure its the driver itself thats the issue but that the display server software that is not new enough in rocky, or one of the kernel command lines is missing.
my fedora /etc/default/grub is as follows.
GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=“rhgb quiet mitigations=off rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau modprobe.blacklist=nouveau nvidia-drm.modeset=1”

I only add this to help see an alternative point of view.
regards peter

Thank you wintpe.! Adding nvidia-drm.modeset=1 fixed it.